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Ever wake up one day to see part of your body look out of the ordinary? Unusual swelling and discolored? Followed by tremendous chest pain that makes sleep impossible. A pain that ranks as a number ten on the pain scale. You have both a Deep Vein Thrombosis and a Pulmonary Embolism. Two blood clots. My whole life changed.

Welcome to my story. What once was a thriving life, changed in a matter of years. Lost two jobs, unable to find the right Doctors to treat me. The lack of interest to do more. To help find answers. The shame and the depression they caused. How close I was to giving up. To move forward while ignoring my body. I no longer cared.

After five long years, life changed. All I needed was a push in the right direction. Finding the right person to trust and provide guidance to find the answers. Her guidance helped me with a change in Doctors. New Doctors who were looking out for my best interests. Providing the answers for what ails me. Answers that would help me understand my health issues and how to move forward.

I was diagnosed with both Antiphospholipid Syndrome and Lupus. Autoimmune disease I had no clue what they were or meant. 90% who have both Antiphospholipid Syndrome and Lupus are usually women! I’m amongst the 10 percenters, men living with both APS and Lupus.

My book details when my life was changing for the better and eventually the worst. The challenges I continue to live with and how I live with those. My outlets that guide me through the tough times. And appreciating what life has to offer instead of living in the past.
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